What is AN-VI

AN-VI is a new member of the rubber family, with substantially different characteristics to those of traditional elastomers. It has the elasticity of a good rubber but it also has unusual damping capacities: by deformation it absorbs energy from an elastic material and as a damper it dissipates the energy absorbed. One part of the energy is converted into heat while the other part is returned so slowly as to have practically no dynamic effects. In solid form AN-VI can be used to reduce shock and impact stress effects as a vibration damper. Foamed it finds use with specific not too heavy loads.


Vibrations and their effects

When machines are functioning , they vibrate, causing wear to their parts and to their supporting structures reducing  the production quality. The vibrations, transferred to structures, are also harmful to people working nearby. The vibrating structures create noise which in turn becomes a source of disturbance.


Shocks and impact vibrations

If we compare what happens when a small metal ball is dropped on a slab of AN-VI and on a slab of some other elastic material, we will see the elastic material is compressed and “energized”. This given energy is then returned to the ball which bounces. Instead AN-VI is slow in neutralizing the impact-inducted deformation and returns to its original shape with no bounce action, the impact energy is “disapated” inside AN-VI. The absorbed energy is not given back to the ball and is also filtered out from affecting the underlying surface. This proves AN-VI’s claims to reduce shock effects and to attenuate impact vibrations generated by repeated blows of metal on metal.