Comparison tests


prove comparative an-vi

                        Rubber                                               E.V.A.                                                AN-VI

The graphs illustrate the force transmitted by a free-falling steel ball on a load cell Between the ball and the instrument there are 3 test pieces consisting alternatively of natural rubber, ethyl-vinylacetate (E.V.A.) and AN-VI. The test was performed under equal conditions (highness of the fall and size of the pieces): AN-VI absorbs the shock energy completely (there is no second or rebound shock) and this reduces the transmitted force.


Rebound elasticity of elastomers as a function of temperature


1. Chloroprene (CR)

2. Acrylonitrille (NBR)

3. Etylene-Propylene (EPDM)

4. Isoprene-Styrene-Butadiene (NR/SBR)


Hysteresis of Steel, Rubber and AN-VI


                                 Steel                                                Rubber                                                  AN-VI