Where AN-VI can be used

AN-VI is a positive solution in conquering vibration problem in a large number of machines. A major application sector are those of machines with metal hammering on metal, with reciprocating parts, and precision machines where protection mast be provided against vibrations coming from neighbouring mechanism.

Industrial Sector

Vibration deadening in rotatory and reciprocating machines, linings for hoppers and containers suffering shock from falling materials, vibratory separators, metal panel deadening, handgrip covers, portable machine tool uncouplers.

Automotive, Rail , Aereospace, Naval e Yachts

Lining and covers, rebound bumpers, racing car interiors.

Railwais superstructure

Rail chairs, superstructure paltform supports, signlling and shunting box connections.



Slab supports, bearings, joints, floating floors.


Electronics and precision instrumentation

Coverings, equipment supports and fixings.



Coverings, supports and fixings for soundboxes and record-players.



Piping anchorage, pump uncouplers, joint seals.


Office machines

Supports and base plates for printers and computers.



Helicopter landing platforms.